Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Catholic American or American Catholic? Church and State on Today's Radio Show

Gerald Russello was my guest on the Heart of Things Radio Show this evening. He is a Fellow of the Chesterton Institute at Seton Hall University and editor of University Bookman, as well as the editor of "Christianity and European Culture: Selections from the Work of Christopher Dawson." He lives in Brooklyn, New York. As promised, here are some links to his new book, an article and more! Gerald's new book "The Postmodern Imagination of Russell Kirk" - http://press.umsystem.edu/spring2007/russello.htm

His article on "Tearing Down the Wall" - http://ncregister.com/site/article/2843

More on Russell Kirk - http://www.kirkcenter.org/bookman/index.html

More on G. K. Chesterton - http://www.chesterton.org/discover/quotations.html More on the University Bookman - http://www.kirkcenter.org/bookman/index.html

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