Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hymns to the Silence Heading to NY state for a wedding this weekend and then off to Sea Isle City, NJ, for some much anticipated vacation. YES! The invitation stands for all to step away to an out of the way place, to drink in the tonic of silence and stillness this summer... Here's a sweet line from Van Morrison: I wanna go out in the countryside Oh sit by the clear, cool, crystal water Get my spirit, way back to the feeling Deep in my soul, I wanna feel Oh so close to the One, close to the One Close to the One, close to the One And that's why, I keep on singing baby My hymns to the silence, hymns to the silence... - Van Morrison And some parting words from Pope Benedict XVI! Holidays are, moreover, days in which more time can be dedicated to prayer, reading and meditation on the profound meaning of life, in the peaceful context of one's family and loved ones. Vacation time offers the unique opportunity to pause before the thought-provoking spectacles of nature, a wonderful "book" within reach of everyone, adults and children. In contact with nature, a person rediscovers his correct dimension, rediscovers himself as a creature, small but at the same time unique, with a "capacity for God" because interiorly he is open to the Infinite. - Pope Benedict XVI
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