Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No School Like the Old School

Our front and back yards combined are roughly 3'x6' tops. So when the time came to trim the 14 blades of grass & weeds that punched through and found themselves alone, I said to myself, "Let's go purchase a grass cutting machine." That's when I found her; nestled behind a $129 little gas guzzler. An old dusty box with a fire engine red spin blade mower! No fuss, no noise (relatively speaking) and no gas. That's what I'm talking about. But the best part was the store I bought "The Slice" in... a True Value Hardware that was packed to the gills with STUFF and smelled like a train set wrapped in an old flannel shirt (I hope that did it for you). It reminded me of a classic Dave Wilcox song (check it here), and the Browns Mills Supply we used to run to when we were kids; for galvinized nails, spackle, crescent wrenches, whatever... The good ole boys knew where EVERYTHING was, and EVERYTHING was in that musty old store. Then came the day when we creaked in and found Zeek in his faded flannel leaning over a "computer", picking at it like it was a fragment of something that had just fallen from space and recently cooled. That was the day our Browns Mills Supply was modernized. Now it took 15 minutes to find stuff, first on the computer, then on the shelf, then back to the computer to log it in... they closed up shop just a few years later. Let's let Mr. Wilcox wrap this thought up... East Asheville Hardware ...He said, You go first to that age-old place To that old wooden door that you have to close behind you To the wide-board wooden floor worn down soft To the real thing Good advice, quality at a fair price And know that they know how deep the frost goes here. Sure there's stuff you'll have to find at Paty's, Lowe's or Sears But go to East Asheville Hardware..... Before it disappears.
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